Our Team!


Hi, I'm Chris! My role at Hanging With The Bride is customer service, design, laser engraving, and large sales. I have a background in corporate sales and proudly served as an Infantryman in the US Army for 10 years.


I am Keiko's daughter and the company's Social Media Manager and Web Designer. I work on all our social media accounts as well as our shop site. I graduated from ASU in 2020 and will be attending PA school in 2021. I am so happy to be helping my mom with her wonderful company!


Hi I'm Asuka and I work at Hanging with the Bride as a product assembler. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports with my family.


Hi I'm Saiko, and the company's product assembler. It's been two years since I came to Arizona with my family. I am happy to be involved in these bridal and anniversary gifts, and I am making it with all my heart.


Hi, I'm Mai. I work as a product assembler at Hanging With The Bride. I enjoy crafts and DIY projects in my free time. I have three kids and proud wife of U.S. Army Soldier husband. 


Hi, I'm Yoshiko. I work as one of the product assemblers and I'm excited to be part of the team! As a team member, I ensure customer satisfaction.